Playing/Field Marzahn

The Playing/Field Marzahn is an urban agriculture project, located in the north-eastern part of Berlin in the borough of Marzahn-Hellersdorf.The setting of school garden activities within a community garden turns the usually closed and exclusive school... weiterlesen

RUAF Foundation

RUAF is a global partnership on sustainable Urban Agriculture and Food Systems. RUAF is a not-for-profit organisation in operation since 1999 that seeks to contribute to the development of sustainable cities through awareness raising, knowledge generation... weiterlesen

15th Garden

The 15th Garden is a bottom-up network of urban gardens in cities that have been bombed, besieged and blocked in Syria. The network includes family gardens, farmers in rural areas, and agriculture initiatives in refugee camps in neighbouring states. The... weiterlesen


KÉK is an independent architectural cultural centre operated by young Hungarian architects, artists and civilians. The centre aims to open new perspectives in architectural and urban thinking in Hungary through its fresh, provoking and focused programs, ... weiterlesen

Land-use planning in the City of Johannesburg

This research focuses on innovation networks in urban farming and how these influence corresponding innovation in land use planning in the city of Johannesburg. The fieldwork research was undertaken through an ethnographic extended case study approached... weiterlesen


ROOF WATER-FARM combines water treatment and farming technology, architectural and urban design, and neighborhood development with public participation and education. Image: Fresh fish off the roof, fresh water into to the river. ROOF WATER-FARM, credits... weiterlesen


In Gaza, Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture development is aligned with a broader vision of supporting a more resilient agricultural sector that seeks to contribute to Gaza being more food secure and less dependent, and with its population having improved... weiterlesen

The Botanical Garden Pinar del Rio

The Botanical Garden (Pinar del Rio, Cuba) participates in several projects related to food sustainability, the management of exotic and invasive species, restoration of ecosystems and adaptation to climate change. The work of Environmental Education... weiterlesen


The project UfiSAMo, (Urban Farming in South Africa and Mozambique), aims to contribute to the improvement of urban food security, nutrition and food safety. The project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Germany, integrates researchers... weiterlesen

Fundación Alerta Verde Bolivia

The project’s objective is to improve quality of life of the Plan700 residents (Cochabamba, Bolivia) through environmental education. Training focuses on organic school and family gardens, increasing food security, diversifying consumption while beautifying l... weiterlesen

New York City’s community gardens

Participatory planned, self-built structures in shared urban gardens in New York City’s low income neighborhoods are an expression of the residents’ endurance as well as their cultural or sub-cultural background and link to the informal self-built hou... weiterlesen

Incredible Edible Todmorden

Incredible Edible Todmorden (IET) is about spreading kindness through volunteers planting and growing food in public spaces all over our small northern English market town for everybody and anybody to help themselves to. We ask forgiveness rather than... weiterlesen


Urban Harvest STL builds community around inclusive and resilient local food systems across a network of urban farms in downtown St Louis, USA. Their FOOD ROOF Farm is a model for urban agriculture, community development, sustainable building, and stormwater... weiterlesen


AS-PTA is a Brazilian NGO that works on urban agriculture in Rio de Janeiro. Intra-urban and family farming flourish among its 14 million dwellers. Approximately 200 agroecological experiences establishes local networks, linking urban dwellers and farmers,... weiterlesen

SMART - Ethiopia

SMART – Ethiopia is local charity organization promoting small scale sustainable agriculture to improve livelihood of urban and rural community and contributing to sustainable soil and water management. It is also involved in Slow Food gardens project d... weiterlesen

Toronto: Food Governance in Urban Agriculture

Case studies of partnerships between Toronto Public Health’s Food Strategy team and Toronto Urban Growers will highlight how collaborations between government and community partners can effectively build the case for cities to support urban agriculture a... weiterlesen

Urban Agriculture in Cairo’s Informal Settlements

A Rooftop Farming Hub in the heart of an informal settlement that provides and nourishes an environment for community residents to be rooftop farmers. It is a project that focuses on embedding rooftop farming as knowledge and practice in a local community... weiterlesen

Urban agriculture as a strategy for improving the quality of life of urban communities

The project presentation will focus on how public goods such as municipal land and water sources are perceived, planned, managed, problematized and utilized from a bottom-up and a top-down perspective in urban agriculture practices in Sofia, Bulgaria. More... weiterlesen


Quito´s Municipality through its AGRUPAR Participatory Urban Agriculture Project, promotes self-production of food as a strategy to reduce food insecurity, improve availability, access and quality of food, generating opportunities for economic development, ... weiterlesen

Mazingara Institute, Nairobi

Mazingira Institute advances practice of urban agriculture, based on local food systems approach. This is done through inquiry, training, a multi-stakeholder platform and farmers network–Nairobi and Environs Food Security, Agriculture and Livestock F... weiterlesen

Binational Garden at Friendship Park

The garden was planted in 2007 in order to create a space to make friends through the border wall and promote native flora of the region. In 2015-16, workshops were held to install 10 raised food beds along the fence on the Mexican side to serve those... weiterlesen

Agroarte/ El AKA, Medellín

Our group was founded in 2002 by the inhabitants of San Javier (Comuna 13, Medellín) originating in a process of resistance to problematics related to the Escombrera. From that moment we have been carrying out activities of memory and resistance within ... weiterlesen

Agriculture Forum Jordan

Agriculture Forum was established in Amman Jordan in 2009. Its members include the Greater Amman Municipality, diverse ministeries, research centers, universities, associations, and farmers. The forum adopted a number of projects that have been implemented... weiterlesen

Essbare Stadt Andernach

The city of Andenach is implementing a sustainable modular construction system for municipal green space planning; the aim of which is to merge ecological, economical, and social aspects with the concept of urban farming. creative concepts were developed... weiterlesen

Community gardens as commons, Research Project

The research project examines community gardens as commons by elaborating on the diversity of collective action in these gardens. For this purpose, criteria including characteristics of commons and urban gardens were developed and used to collect data... weiterlesen

Impacts of climate change on selected agriculture crops in Tehran city region, Research Project

There is a literature gap in analyzing impacts of climate change on (peri) urban agriculture. Accordingly, the potential impacts of climate change on selected crop yields in Tehran was estimated under the IPCC SRES A1FI and B1 climate change scenario.... weiterlesen

Sustainable Solid Waste Management, Addis Ababa

Since 2010, the project team has worked successfully in the “Sustainable Solid Waste Management in Addis Ababa” (SSWMAA) providing relevant solutions by introducing and implementing source separated (organic) waste collection, compost production and urb... weiterlesen


CITIES WITHOUT HUNGER is an NGO based in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. The organisation makes use of idle public or private (peri-)urban land by setting up organic gardens which improve access to high-quality organic produce in socio-economically vulnerable ... weiterlesen

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