15th Garden

The 15th Garden is a bottom-up network of urban gardens in cities that have been bombed, besieged and blocked in Syria. The network includes family gardens, farmers in rural areas, and agriculture initiatives in refugee camps in neighbouring states. The... weiterlesen


If we divide the amount of agricultural land in the world by the number of humans on the earth, every person would receive 2000m². So that is the portion of agricultural land that arithmetically we are entitled to. Everything that feeds us and provides ... weiterlesen

IGA Campus

The IGA-Campus is a part of the International Garden Exhibition (IGA) from 13. April to 15. Oktober 2017 in Berlin. The Environment Education Program that is organized by Grüne Liga Berlin with cooperation from IGA is an educational program offered to ... weiterlesen

Aware and Fair

Aware and Fair works with students of Blantyre city in Malawi to raise awareness and promote Sustainable Development Goals. They focus on the SDGs that affect the students directly, such as protecting the environment and building partnerships for attaining... weiterlesen


Created in 2013 in Berlin in the district of Wedding, himmelbeet is an intercultural community garden consisting of more than 300 raised-beds. Half of the beds are used in common; the other half are rented for the length of the season. Himmelbeet is... weiterlesen
Two Women between corn and flowers in the AS-PTA garden.


AS-PTA is a Brazilian NGO that works on urban agriculture in Rio de Janeiro. Intra-urban and family farming flourish among its 14 million dwellers. Approximately 200 agroecological experiences establishes local networks, linking urban dwellers and farmers,... weiterlesen


Quito´s Municipality through its AGRUPAR Participatory Urban Agriculture Project, promotes self-production of food as a strategy to reduce food insecurity, improve availability, access and quality of food, generating opportunities for economic development, ... weiterlesen

Agroarte/ El AKA, Medellín

Our group was founded in 2002 by the inhabitants of San Javier (Comuna 13, Medellín) originating in a process of resistance to problematics related to the Escombrera. From that moment we have been carrying out activities of memory and resistance within ... weiterlesen

Agriculture Forum Jordan

Agriculture Forum was established in Amman Jordan in 2009. Its members include the Greater Amman Municipality, diverse ministeries, research centers, universities, associations, and farmers. The forum adopted a number of projects that have been implemented... weiterlesen

Botanical Garden in Pinar del Rio

The Botanical Garden (Pinar del Rio, Cuba) participates in several projects related to food sustainability, the management of exotic and invasive species, restoration of ecosystems and adaptation to climate change. The work of Environmental Education... weiterlesen

Binational Garden at Friendship Park

The garden was planted in 2007 in order to create a space to make friends through the border wall and promote native flora of the region. In 2015-16, workshops were held to install 10 raised food beds along the fence on the Mexican side to serve those... weiterlesen


The farm Bauerngärten operates self-service gardens in three different locations. One of these locations is the natural reserve area in Berlin-Spandau, south of Gatow. The founder Max von Grafenstein, who is a professional farmer, brought this idea ... weiterlesen


KÉK is an independent architectural cultural centre operated by young Hungarian architects, artists and civilians. The centre aims to open new perspectives in architectural and urban thinking in Hungary through its fresh, provoking and focused programs, ... weiterlesen

Community Gardens as Commons

The research project of FH Münster examines community gardens as commons by elaborating on the diversity of collective action in these gardens. For this purpose, criteria including characteristics of commons and urban gardens were developed and used ... weiterlesen


CITIES WITHOUT HUNGER is an NGO based in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. The organisation makes use of idle public or private (peri-)urban land by setting up organic gardens which improve access to high-quality organic produce in socio-economically vulnerable ... weiterlesen

Community Garden Mörchenpark e.V.

The community garden Mörchenpark e.V. as a part of the Land Ownership Cooperative Holzmarkt eG wants to pursue the request of Uferwege für alle (public river-shore access), and at the same time provide a space for a community garden. In 2008, the o... weiterlesen

Cecilia Vandez Benetez - Cuba Strategy for full transformation of the neighborhood Villa Alegre in Cuba

This project seeks to transform sustainably the neighborhood of villa Alegre in the city of Sagua la Grande in Cuba. This process of transformation began with a diagnoses of territorial and social inequalities in order to identify the vulnerable population.... weiterlesen

Engagement Global gGmbH

Engagement Global is a German non-profit limited organization that offers competences and services to everyone who stands up for a sustainable development on a global level. They unite institutions and support programs of developmental work with the aim... weiterlesen

Edible City Andernach

The city of Andenach is implementing a sustainable modular construction system for municipal green space planning; the aim of which is to merge ecological, economical, and social aspects with the concept of urban farming. creative concepts were developed... weiterlesen

Ernährungsrat Berlin

Ernährungsrat Berlin is civil society union of activists, who campaign for ecological sustainability, socially just food production and distribution in Berlin. They are an alliance that openly supports sustainable food systems and pushes the political ... weiterlesen

ECF Farm Systems

ECF Farm Systems plan and build aquaponic farms for resource efficient and economic fish and vegetable production. The costs of fresh water and fertilizer are significantly reduced through the coupling of Aquaculture and hydroponics. The synergy between... weiterlesen

Fundación Alerta Verde Bolivia

The project’s objective is to improve quality of life of the Plan700 residents (Cochabamba, Bolivia) through environmental education. Training focuses on organic school and family gardens, increasing food security, diversifying consumption while beautifying l... weiterlesen

Food Roof Farm

Urban Harvest STL builds community around inclusive and resilient local food systems across a network of urban farms in downtown St Louis, USA. Their FOOD ROOF Farm is a model for urban agriculture, community development, sustainable building, and stormwater... weiterlesen

Foundation anstiftung

The Foundation Anstiftung carries out research into commons, do-it-yourself and sustainable regionalisation. A key element of this is creating a new perspective on what Western societies understand by "prosperity". Since quality of life is not just about... weiterlesen

F3 Local Food Consultants

The local food consultants f3 are a group of advisors, social entrepreneurs and practitioners based in London, who develop innovative solutions for local and sustainable food systems. f3 stands for food for a sustainable economy, environment and community.... weiterlesen


In Gaza, Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture development is aligned with a broader vision of supporting a more resilient agricultural sector that seeks to contribute to Gaza being more food secure and less dependent, and with its population having improved... weiterlesen

Impacts of Climate Change on Selected Agriculture Crops in Tehran City

There is a literature gap in analyzing impacts of climate change on (peri) urban agriculture. Accordingly, the potential impacts of climate change on selected crop yields in Tehran was estimated under the IPCC SRES A1FI and B1 climate change scenario.... weiterlesen


INFARM is pioneering on-demand farming services to help cities become self-sufficient in their food production, while eliminating waste and reducing their environmental impact. The team build ultra-efficient modular farms right in the heart of the city,... weiterlesen

Intercultural Garden Rosendunft

The Intercultural Garden Rosendunft in Gleisdreieck is a project run by Südost Europa e.V. and is one of the oldest and most beautiful community gardens in Berlin. The garden works with immigrant women, most of them are traumatized war refugees from ... weiterlesen

Allmende-Kontor Community Garden

The Community Garden Allmende-Kontor was founded in 2011 by 13 garden activists at the former Tempelhof airport and has been registered as a non-profit association since 2014. The name “Allmende” is taken from the American idea of reclaiming the commons by ... weiterlesen

Incredible Edible Todmorden

Incredible Edible Todmorden (IET) is about spreading kindness through volunteers planting and growing food in public spaces all over our small northern English market town for everybody and anybody to help themselves to. We ask forgiveness rather than... weiterlesen


The goal of KuLaRuhr is to create a sustainable urban developed area in the Metropole Ruhr. The region contains transformed old mining, industrial, and trade areas. It is currently going through drastic changes to be transformed into a true cultivated... weiterlesen

Land-Use Planning in the City of Johannesburg

This research focuses on innovation networks in urban farming and how these influence corresponding innovation in land use planning in the city of Johannesburg. The fieldwork research was undertaken through an ethnographic extended case study approached... weiterlesen

Mazingira Institute Nairobi

Mazingira Institute advances practice of urban agriculture, based on local food systems approach. This is done through inquiry, training, a multi-stakeholder platform and farmers network–Nairobi and Environs Food Security, Agriculture and Livestock F... weiterlesen

New York City Community Gardens

Participatory planned, self-built structures in shared urban gardens in New York City’s low income neighborhoods are an expression of the residents’ endurance as well as their cultural or sub-cultural background and link to the informal self-built hou... weiterlesen

Orti per tutti

Ortipertutti is multi-stakeholder international architectural design competition that aims to improve access to resources and space for urban agriculture while creating a new generation of vegetable gardeners. Applicants were asked to design small to... weiterlesen

Spiel/Feld Marzahn

Spiel/Feld Marzahn is an urban agriculture project, located in the north-eastern part of Berlin in the borough of Marzahn-Hellersdorf. The setting of school garden activities within a community garden turns the usually closed and exclusive school garden... weiterlesen

Programma de Agricultura Urbana

The Urban Agriculture Program (PAU) was initiated in 2002 during an economic and political crisis in Argentina by the Ministry of Social Economy of the Municipality of Rosario. Its purpose is to manage participatory social business in the production of... weiterlesen

Prinzessinengärten Berlin-Kreuzberg

The Prinzessinengärten Berlin-Kreuzberg are some of the best known community gardens in Berlin, that cultivate their own vegetables for use by its workers, cafe, and summer kitchen. The garden is run as a non-profit limited company, which is not allowed ... weiterlesen


Roof Water-Farm is a research association that investigates opportunities for building-integrated water treatment systems to irrigate and fertilize roof-top greenhouses. As part of the research, technologies for water treatment and aquaponics (plant and... weiterlesen

RUAF Foundation

RUAF is a global partnership on sustainable Urban Agriculture and Food Systems. RUAF is a not-for-profit organisation in operation since 1999 that seeks to contribute to the development of sustainable cities through awareness raising, knowledge generation... weiterlesen

RWTH Aachen

The study by Aachen University emphasizes on Urban Agricultural Heritages (UAH). UAH represents urban agriculture that was pursued by local residents before its modern day applications. The research will highlight urban cultural identity, protect local... weiterlesen

Stadt-Land-Tisch, Schweisfurth-Stiftung

Food - School Books of Life: Food is information. The food that we eat and the nutrition that we receive ensure that our bodies receive and process information well. It is as if food is the school book of life. The soil in which plants and crops are grown... weiterlesen

SMART - Ethiopia

SMART – Ethiopia is local charity organization promoting small scale sustainable agriculture to improve livelihood of urban and rural community and contributing to sustainable soil and water management. It is also involved in Slow Food gardens project d... weiterlesen

Sustainable Solid Waste Management, Addis Ababa

Since 2010, the project team has worked successfully in the “Sustainable Solid Waste Management in Addis Ababa” (SSWMAA) providing relevant solutions by introducing and implementing source separated (organic) waste collection, compost production and urb... weiterlesen


The first project of Community Supported Agriculture in Berlin is located near the Bauerngarten in the nature reserve area in Gatow on the Havel. The main idea of this type of Agriculture is for the participants to share the risks with the farmer by... weiterlesen

SUZ Mitte

In the northwest of wedding, you will find one the largest Berlin gardening school —  Schul-Umwelt-Zentrum Mitte (environment center school in Berlin-Mitte). This municipal school garden offers teachers and students from schools that do not have their ow... weiterlesen

Toronto: Food Governance in Urban Agriculture

Case studies of partnerships between Toronto Public Health’s Food Strategy team and Toronto Urban Growers will highlight how collaborations between government and community partners can effectively build the case for cities to support urban agriculture a... weiterlesen


The project UfiSAMo, (Urban Farming in South Africa and Mozambique), aims to contribute to the improvement of urban food security, nutrition and food safety. The project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Germany, integrates researchers... weiterlesen

Urban Agriculture in Cairo’s Informal Settlements

A Rooftop Farming Hub in the heart of an informal settlement that provides and nourishes an environment for community residents to be rooftop farmers. It is a project that focuses on embedding rooftop farming as knowledge and practice in a local community... weiterlesen

Urban Agriculture Sofia

The project presentation will focus on how public goods such as municipal land and water sources are perceived, planned, managed, problematized and utilized from a bottom-up and a top-down perspective in urban agriculture practices in Sofia, Bulgaria. https://www.facebook.com/UrbanAgricultureResearch/... weiterlesen

Urban Farming in Casablanca

The project “Urban Farming in Casablanca” (UAC) from the Technical University in Berlin (funded by FONA, BMBF) examined the extent to which urban agriculture can contribute to a sustainable, climate-optimized urban development using the metropolitan cit... weiterlesen

World Food Institute e.V

The World Food Institute is a union of journalists, scientists, and interns who campaign for a change in our food systems and in the way our food is produced. The institute is a think tank, an information platform, a network, and a communication of new... weiterlesen

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