Cecilia Vandez Benetez – Cuba Strategy for full transformation of the neighborhood Villa Alegre in Cuba

This project seeks to transform sustainably the neighborhood of villa Alegre in the city of Sagua la Grande in Cuba. This process of transformation began with a diagnoses of territorial and social inequalities in order to identify the vulnerable population. Reorganization of the neighborhood is based on sustainable urban development, and it focuses on social inclusion, gender equality, and the reduction of State presence in the habitat area. The study was conducted by students of architecture and urbanism from the UCLV. One of the strategies used to transform the area to a sustainable neighborhood was the incorporation of urban agriculture into the neighborhood; thereby giving employment opportunities for women and the elderly to achieve food security. Part of the transformation process also included courses that were created to empower the community, plans to achieve decent housing based on self construction and mutual help, as well as the creation of an urban park as part of environmental rehabilitation of the area.

Tuesday September 12, 11:00-12:30 Workshop 9: Food Security

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