Allmende-Kontor Community Garden

The Community Garden Allmende-Kontor was founded in 2011 by 13 garden activists at the former Tempelhof airport and has been registered as a non-profit association since 2014. The name “Allmende” is taken from the American idea of reclaiming the commons by urging the government to maintain common lands as open space for gardens that serve refugees, new migrants, and those without means. Unemployed people can also use this fertile space to cultivate their own vegetables and use the available pesticide without paying any fees. The Allmende Garden has become a place that cultivates creativity, and thanks to its many benches, it has also become one of the most popular and beloved places to relax and enjoy a sunny afternoon on the Tempelhof field.  It is so beloved, in fact, that in May 2014, 700.000 Berliners said yes in a referendum to preserving the Tempelhof field as a nature reserve and park. The pavilion roof in the Allmende Garden is so beloved that it is often used by the neighborhood for fesitvals and concerts.

More Information

Monday September 11, 16:45-19:15Uhr, Excursion 1

Contact: Elisabeth Meyer-Renschhausen; Tel.: 01709038693

Picture: Elisabeth Meyer-Renschhausen



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