Community Garden Mörchenpark e.V.

The community garden Mörchenpark e.V. as a part of the Land Ownership Cooperative Holzmarkt eG wants to pursue the request of Uferwege für alle (public river-shore access), and at the same time provide a space for a community garden. In 2008, the original company group was able to provide a Spreeufer für alle (public river bank access). This caused the Senate to reject selling the space to an investor. The space is currently being developed in order to raise the price of the land once again. The Holzmarkt eG also provides working spaces for low-budget artists and handymen. The public river-banks are meant to provide public access to water for all, thus improving the social climate in the region.

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Monday September 11, 16:45-19:15, Excursion 3

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