Intercultural Garden Rosendunft

The Intercultural Garden Rosendunft in Gleisdreieck is a project run by Südost Europa e.V. and is one of the oldest and most beautiful community gardens in Berlin. The garden works with immigrant women, most of them are traumatized war refugees from Bosnia. Thanks to Süd Europa’s office spaces and to the permanent coordinator, the garden was recognized with many different awards over the years. Many young international and national interns as well as older job seekers and german learners use this garden as a popular training and learning environment. The garden Rosenduft is located on the grounds of the Park auf der Gleisdreieck and is therefore open to the public. The park exists today because of the 40 year long commitment that Berliners have contributed to the preservation of the wild greens in Gleisdreieck.

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Sunday September 10, 18:00-21:00


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