The goal of KuLaRuhr is to create a sustainable urban developed area in the Metropole Ruhr. The region contains transformed old mining, industrial, and trade areas. It is currently going through drastic changes to be transformed into a true cultivated landscape. This change brings about many infrastructural challenges, as as water and energy management issues, as well as problems in logistics and transportation. The most important aspect, however, is the overall sustainability of the area. Ruhr can only be an attractive residential area if water and energy are used sustainably. KuLaRuhr focuses specifically on this aspect of sustainability. They plan, develop, and connect the area Ruhr and its surroundings with road networks. Ruhr represents the connection that nature and sustainability can have with Industry. It is proof that old industrial areas can indeed be livable residential sustainable areas.


Monday, September 11, WS 6: Linking City & Countryside

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