Stadt-Land-Tisch, Schweisfurth-Stiftung


Food – School Books of Life: Food is information. The food that we eat and the nutrition that we receive ensure that our bodies receive and process information well. It is as if food is the school book of life. The soil in which plants and crops are grown and the civilizations that have cultivated them carry the stories that these crops tell. The food that we eat often tells stories of our cultures. These stories are created by farmers, traders, and consumers, who today mostly live in cities and urban areas. In order to create a space for dialogue and better cooperation between the authors of our food culture, the Schweisfurth Foundation is implementing a series of projects under the motto “Stadt-Land-Tisch” (City-Country-Table). These projects are to focus on social development in rural areas, solidarity farming, and on cooperation between farmers, city dwellers, food traders, and marketers, between innovators an organizations, as well between practice and theory.

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