SUZ Mitte

In the northwest of wedding, you will find one the largest Berlin gardening school —  Schul-Umwelt-Zentrum Mitte (environment center school in Berlin-Mitte). This municipal school garden offers teachers and students from schools that do not have their own gardens the opportunity to garden with their class on a piece of land for one season. In the 1920s, these garden schools were a core element of the life and education reform movement of that time. After the Second World War, they were mostly used to teach students survival techniques through gardening in the hope that they would transfer this knowledge to their families. These communal garden schools are some of the last surviving schools of their kind in Germany. After the unification of Germany and the reconciliation of the districts, the garden schools in Wedding and Tiergarten were merged into the Schul-Umwelt-Zentrum Mitte (SUZ). In the 1990s, some of the garden schools would have been shut down if it were not for the successful effort of school teacher Helmut Krüger-Danielson, who campaigned to preserve these 12 garden schools in Berlin through the establishment of a support association for the Schul-Umwelt-Zentrum.

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