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On the 10th of September:

06.00-09.00 PM Reception for Early Arrivals at the Intercultural Garden Rosenduft

On the 11th of September:

02.15-03.45 PM Uhr Workshops:
WS 1 Climate Adaptation – Case Studies from Morocco, Iran, Canada, and EcuadorWS 2 Local Economies – Case Studies from Germany and EgyptWS 3 Women Empowerment – Case Studies from Bolivia, Jordan, and NairobiWS 4 Urban Planning – Case Studies from Hungry, South Africa, GermanyWS 5 Vocational Training – Case Studies from Ethiopia, Cuba, UK, and GermanyWS 6 Urban-Countryside Connection – Case Studies from GermanyWS 7 Edible Cities – Case Studies from UK, Brazil, and Germany

04.45-07.15 Uhr PM Excursions:
Excursion 1: Allmende Kontor, Berlin Tempelhof Field; Die Gärtnerei, Thomas-FriedhofExcursion 2: Schul- und Umweltzentrum Mitte (SUZ); Kleingartenanlage RehbergeExcursion 3: Community garden Mörchenpark at Holzmarktgelände
07.30 PM Reception at Prinzessinnengärten

On the 12th of September:

11.00 AM-12.30 PM:
Open Space / Speakers Corner with Presentation from all over the worldWS 8 Conflict Transformation – Case Studies from Columbia, Gaza, and the border region between the US and MexicoWS 9 Connecting the Global South and Global North – Case Studies from Blantyre/Hanover, CubaWS 10 Right to the City – Case Study from South Africa, GermanyWS 11 Food Security– Case Study from the US and Brazil

04.00-07.00 PM Excursions:
Excursion 4: International Garden Festival (IGA 2017), IGA-Campus including Roof Water FarmExcursion 5: ECF Farm Systems

On the 13th of September:

Excursions (Start & End at Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung by Bus):
9.00 AM-02.00 PM Excursion 6: Gärtnerhof Charlottenburg; Bauerngarten; Speisegut; Vierfelderhof9.00 AM-12.00 PM Excursion 7: Intercultural garden of generations at Gartenarbeitsschule Wedding; Himmelbeet

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