Inclusion and integration

ProjekAuftakt in der Notunterkunft im Rathaus Wilmersdorf

Growing together – Gardening aimed at integrating

Berlin is a growing city in constant change, where you can find different lifestyles. Generations with different cultures and social backgrounds live here together. The influx of refugees has brought about opportunities as well as challenges. This creates the potential for conflicts, but also many opportunities for mutual learning.

Whether in jungle-like backyards, multicultural gardens, roof gardens and café businesses or hanging wall gardens: in addition to the positive effects for the urban climate, community gardening creates bridges between people. Through building, digging and planting, reservations and prejudices about the unknown disappear.

With the project „Grow together – Gardening aimed at integrating” GRÜNE LIGA Berlin wants to recognize and support existing commitment. But most of all we want to motivate you to start your own garden projects -with workshops and seminars on various garden topics, personal counseling, and a competition next year.

Are you a volunteer in a refugee camp, educator in an institution for the disabled, teacher in a school in Berlin, or tenant in a motley residence? We want to motivate you to garden as a community and promote the greening of public and open spaces, and courtyards through the support of civic engagement. The emphasis is on community greening and its care.

Or have you already started a garden project with neighbors, refugees, peers, students, etc.? Contact us! If necessary, we would love to come to you, advise you and help you in implementing your ideas.

In the opening event of the project on June 24, 2016, three garden beds were successfully built and filled with plants- the start of a community garden for residents, neighbors and anyone who is interested.

Among the various garden topics, we are currently developing garden seminars and multilingual handouts and make them available on our website for download.

Here you can download the press release (German) and pictures.

Contact Person:
Ines Fischer
Telefon 030 / 44 33 91 – 0

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