Schild Education in Garden!


What comes first to your mind thinking of Education in gardens? School gardens are far from the only institutions working in the context of education in gardens. Green classrooms, theme gardens – the projects are as plenty and various, as there are different shades of green. In cooperation with the International Garden Exhibition Berlin 2017 six international school gardens have been launched to have exemplary school gardens from all over the world.weiterlesen

Incredible edible: “Edible Schoolyard” in Berlin

For more than a year the transformation of Casper-David-Friedrich-School in Berlin (Germany) into an “edible school” is under way. Thanks to great support of the local government much will be realized around good and healthy food at schools in the next 3 years. weiterlesen

Gardening on the run: “Mobile haver” in Denmark

School gardens are typically spatially fixed areas, placed at a geographically manageable distance from the schools. Although there is a growing popularity of school gardens in Denmark and school gardens are established all over the country, not everyone can yet participate due to limited access.weiterlesen

Growing in the Lab: “Livada Lab” in Ljubljana

The Learning Alliance “LivadaLab” is bringing together 30 individual young experts, students and unemployed young people (18-30 years) to develop, test and demonstrate an alternative citizen involvement approach to govern urban green areas in Ljubljana (Slovenia).weiterlesen

Grown on Campus: “University of Iowa Gardeners”

The prairie played the lead role in Iowa’s ecological narrative. Centuries of carbon-sequestering growth, decay, regeneration, and decay again developed Iowa’s exceptionally rich layer of topsoil which attracted unprecedented agricultural development ever since the advent of the United States’ westward expansion. weiterlesen

Extreme growing: “Mohatlane Community Education Centre”

The “Mohatlane Community Education Centre” of Lesotho manages a small farm against the harsh surrounding climate conditions. One section of the campus is dedicated to educate students in agriculture, and give them experience in growing their own foods. weiterlesen

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