Extreme growing: “Mohatlane Community Education Centre”

The “Mohatlane Community Education Centre” of Lesotho manages a small farm against the harsh surrounding climate conditions. One section of the campus is dedicated to educate students in agriculture, and give them experience in growing their own foods. The rest of the campus is dedicated to grow and support crops such as cabbages, beetroots, green peppers, and tomatoes. The crops are grown by two different groups of children, with the help of a woman named ‘M’e Maitumeleng, who supports with the irigation, management, and education of the kids. Global warming is picking up every day and growing under the harsh weather conditions, with no rain for long time and drastic temperature changes seems sometimes impossible. Unfortunately as a result what has been planted often burns and dies. Still everyone is working together, however, against the harsh conditions, with considerable success at times. Recently they raised a successful crop of peaches which they are going to sun-dry. Hats off to that form of extreme growing.



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