Gardening on the run: “Mobile haver” in Denmark

School gardens are typically spatially fixed areas, placed at a geographically manageable distance from the schools. Although there is a growing popularity of school gardens in Denmark and school gardens are established all over the country, not everyone can yet participate due to limited access.

The idea behind the “mobile haver” is to break those limitations and to create mobile school garden projects that are accessible to everyone. Not only are the gardens customizable for all school forms and student numbers, they can further be matched with educational materials tailored to the individual grade levels, too. In order to make the Mobile School Gardens truly accessible to everyone, the “mobile haver” is working on a garden model that can be both raised and lowered. Wheelchair users, can thus participate in the course on equal terms along with others.
Another challenge with stationary school gardens, is the maintenance during vacation times. Mobile Gardens in contrast can either be “rolled” or transported by trailer to students or others willing to take on the task of tending them during vacations.

To make it easy for the individual school to get started with their own mobile gardens, everything is managed via internet. The project website offers a complete package or a customized solution, as well as a support. Each teacher can determine individually how many boxes their class would need and can order them along with the required amount of seeds and soil easily thanks to a system calculation. “Mobile haver” offers moreover also suggestions for great class activities and other educational information. Good ideas, pictures and short videos can be uploaded on the project homepage and tie a close network and exchange platform. A truly mobile garden project!



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