Incredible edible: “Edible Schoolyard” in Berlin

Caspar David Friedrich Schule Berlin_Sommer_Tomate

For more than a year the transformation of Casper-David-Friedrich-School in Berlin (Germany) into an “edible school” is under way. Thanks to great support of the local government much will be realized around good and healthy food at schools in the next 3 years.

Fruits and vegetables, berries and herbs will be cultivated and processed at the schoolyard and in the school kitchen in the style of “edible cities”. All activities, such as planning, building, planting, maintaining and harvesting will be done collectively in line with class, afterschool clubs and other events. The kick-off was a big event on 30th of April 2016 when parents, children and teachers started cultivating the waste land and arranging the first plots together with the local community. Since then berry bushes and vegetables have been planted in raised beds on the former derelict schools’ sport ground. An incredible edible schoolyard indeed!


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